Daily Market Updates

March 23, 2017

U.S. stocks rose Thursday morning but turned lower as nerves over the outcome of today’s health care reform vote increased.  There’s little doubt investors have become far more interested what happens in Washington DC than what is happening in the economy.  The dollar also weakened moving below 100 for the second time this year and treasury prices slipped slightly with the 10yr yield higher by 2 basis points to 2.42%. At the… Read More ›

March 22, 2017

Stocks traded with mixed results Wednesday as investors try to get a sense of where congress is headed with Health Care legislation.  Some observers note that markets have been priced for perfection since the start of the year and this is a reminder that the legislative process is imperfect and messy.  It’s also telling that since the Fed tightened policy a little over a week ago, the dollar index has dropped more… Read More ›

March 21, 2017

U.S. Stocks traded sharply lower Tuesday with financials particularly hard hit due to falling long term yields.  Short term yields have risen due to Fed action while long yields have dropped, reducing the profitability of lending money.  There’s also concern over possible delays getting health care legislation on the president’s desk.  The longer that takes, the longer we’ll have to wait for tax reform and infrastructure spending.  All of that led to… Read More ›

March 20, 2017

US stocks traded in a narrow range today as investors turned their eyes to comments from several Federal Reserve officials. The US central bank raised interest rates for the second time in three months last week, but expectations from the Fed members for where rates will be in the coming years changed little from the last meeting. There is a lot of uncertainty of when and by how much rates will move… Read More ›

March 17, 2017

U.S. Stocks traded in a narrow range again Friday as gains in utilities and industrials countered declines in financial and health care stocks. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq composite touched a fresh all-time high, helped by gains in shares of Microsoft and Starbucks. Its been an interesting week with Fed action and political drama. Now the markets seem to be on hold looking for indicators of what direction things will go from here. At… Read More ›