Monthly Market Updates

Posted May 31, 2018

Best Month Since January

“Sell in May and go away”? This month we were once again reminded history is a guide, not an absolute.  May has historically been a month with little change, closing higher 55% of the time, but it is one of only 2 months during the year with a 90 year average rate of return that is negative.  The important energy sector got a boost from higher oil prices during the month and… Read More ›

Posted April 30, 2018

14th Consecutive April Gains

MONTHLY MARKET UPDATE April has traditionally been one of the better months for the stock market as money flows into retirement accounts ahead of the tax filing deadline. In fact, April has ended the month in positive territory for the last 13 years.  The month got off to a rough start this year, but by the end of the month, the widely followed S&P 500 had, despite a final day decline, closed… Read More ›

Posted March 29, 2018

Large Cap Technology Weighs

March has traditionally been a good month for the markets and, coming off a disappointing performance in February, we were hoping March would help the early year rally get back on track. We did see solid buying interest during the first half of the month, but it was pretty steadily downhill from there.  Technology stocks have been leading the rally since the Presidential election and weakness in that sector, combined with selling… Read More ›

Posted January 31, 2018

New Year, Same Story

January is typically one of the stronger months of the year for the market, but few expected the parabolic move higher we saw for most of the month. After last year’s strong gains, some thought the New Year would be met with selling, as investors locked in last year’s gains and took advantage of the new tax law. That was certainly not the case, as the month saw the Dow Industrial average… Read More ›

Posted December 29, 2017

Best Year Since 2013

December is historically one of the better months of the year for the market and actually has the highest probability of ending in positive territory, but the month got off to a rough start this year after ABC news mistakenly reported General Flynn had agreed to cooperate with the Mueller investigation and was going to roll over on Trump. The report sent the Dow down 350 points before a retraction erased most… Read More ›